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A Highly Advanced Condensing Boiler

  • The Ravenheat CSI85 A is believed to be the most fuel efficient Combi boiler of its type available.
  • Reduce heating bills by up to 35%
  • 96% boiler efficiency, why burn fuel when you can save it
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Compact space for maximum space saving
  • Low cost hot water, fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse emissions are just some of the benefits of installing a Ravenheat condensing combi boiler

The new Ravenheat's Condensing System Innovation' CSI85 A Combi boiler will reduce the average heating bill by up to 35% by incorporating the latest developments in heating technology. The new super high 96% efficient CSI is supplied with a whole range of advanced features including slim design, tamper proof controls, built in diagnostics, easy installation and is simple to operate.

How Does It Work?

Ravenheat's CSI85 A condensing combi boiler works far more efficiently than traditional boilers. Conventional units lose up to 30% of their heat through the flue. The CSI85 A recovers most of this heat by safely condensing heat from fumes, thereby achieving efficiencies of 96%. After the initial fitting of the heat exchanger and fan, the CSI85 A is equipped with Ravenheat's unique and patented, aluminum heat exchanger. This self contained unit not only ensures the maximum heat is extracted from the outgoing flue gasses but that the fumes are safely guided away. We are the only U.K. manufacturer currently fitting a second plate heat exchanger after the exhaust fan.

 Highly efficient condensing combi boiler

This highly efficient condensing combi boiler has an output of 26kw to heating and an impressive 12.2 litres of domestic hot water per minute. One of its outstanding features is its domestic hot water heat exchanger. It is uniquely sized to take out as much energy as possible when operating in domestic hot water mode. This means that in the depths of winter or at the height of summer it will squeeze every last drop of heat it can from the exhaust fumes giving the end user lower gas bills.

Technical data:
Technical CSI 85

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